Our Vision

To contribute towards the alleviation of poverty and improvement of quality of life of orphans and poor kids through provision of access to
quality education at early childhood up to tertiary education level.

Our Mission

To provide quality education at the foundation education phase, improve the skills base of our youth in our communities and increase
opportunities to access tertiary education, thus improving the quality of life of young South Africans.

Guiding Principles

• Education is key
• Poor people matter.
• Charity is not a long-term solution to poverty.
• People in poor communities know what they need.
• “Pro-poor finance” means meeting needs while doing no harm.
• Serving a community means being a part of it.
• Concern for social and family impact leads us to focus on women and children.
• Financial transparency is key for ourselves and for donors.
• Assisting the poor is a privilege: “He who is kind to the poor, lends to the Lord” Prov 19:17.
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The Board of Trustees

Mr Bongani Mbokazi      Chairman
Mrs Thembile Hadebe   Treasurer
Mr Patrick Ngubane       Secretary
Mrs Thandi Mbokazi      Member
Mrs Lindiwe Zungu        Member
Mrs Winnie Dlamini       Member

The AGC North Foundation has a membership programme whose primary objective is to involve people who have a desire to be involved with us. Membership programme is open to all at a token membership fee. Members provide diversity and help contribute in the decision making processes.

Governance and Transparency

Child education, finances and donations are very sensitive matters. Good governance and transparency are paramount to ensure the full protection of children and women. We provide effective management and control of the finances.

The Management Board of The AGC North Foundation develops and implements policies to steer the organisation towards its set objectives while ensuring transparency and accountability. The continual involvement of the Board ensures that there is depth skills in the administration of the organisation complementing the operations management team. The board members of the Foundation provide an independent and diverse experience as well as an additional layer of accountability and independence.

The aim is to ensure that children, youth, women and finances in our care are protected from potential harm, misuse and abuse.