The AGC North Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that provides a well-managed avenue for businesses and individuals to donate finances and services to projects that alleviate the plight and suffering of the less fortunate in our society. It is a reliable avenue for showing compassion, giving financial help and services to the poor. It is managed and built on solid values of honesty, transparency, integrity, accountability and sound governance.

Annually the AGC North Foundation considers credible beneficiary organisations and students that are reputable and showing significant progress and results. Funds channelled through the foundation are used exclusively for the projects to which they are allocated. Management reports to the Board at least four times a year and are held accountable for the operational running of the Foundation.

“And I was a constant example to you in helping the poor; for I remembered the words of the Lord Jesus, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive. ’”The Apostle Paul, Acts 20:25.

The Learning Academy is an education project of the North Foundation that will be situated in Mofolo, Soweto, Johannesburg. We will ensure that each and every child enters primary education level fit and ready to succeed and eager to learn. As a registered school, our students will enjoy individual attention in small classes within a trusting learning environment meeting the requirements of Social Development and Health Departments.


   Children ready for school and enabled to reach their full potential during their future educational careers and who base their lives on the values and principles of Christ
Our goal:

To provide a high quality standard of holistic (i.e. spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social education.


• The school fees are R500 per child per month (a lot of our parents  do not afford even this small amount)

• Research shows that most parents in the nearby community leave below the poverty line.

• Most parents apply for bursaries through individual interviews during which their financial situation is assessed and the school fees
   to be paid are determined

• Our average income per child per month is projected to be about R300. To make up the deficit between what parents can pay and
   the actual costs we will rely on donations from well-wishers and government subsidy.
2. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - The Learning Skills Academy

The North Foundation is currently sourcing funds to set up The Learning Skills Academy. It will offer training in welding, plumbing, electricity, brick laying, sewing, computers and catering. Over and above these practical skills our students will also be trained in entrepreneurship, business management and financial management. We will thereafter empower our students who have good commercial ideas with seed funding starting as low as R15000 ($1200), and on-going support to help them thrive.

Our goal is to create self-employment jobs that will generate income for poor families - to make a positive and lasting difference in their lives.

Where jobs are scarce, a micro-enterprise can be the difference between hope and destitution for a family. The North Foundation, in partnership with other entities, creates a platform for students to start up their small businesses in a safe and secure environment. To create stable and sustainable micro-enterprises, even very simple ones, people need access to affordable credit and other kinds of critical support. This is what the foundation provides - offering a hand up to those in need.

Examples of the micro-enterprises include:

The AGC North Foundation gives less privileged but motivated students the opportunity for full learning participation in tertiary education which may otherwise not have been possible due to their socio-economic circumstances.

More than half of the population in South Africa already lives in poverty, and a further 27% of the population live in a state of susceptibility to poverty. These 27% are referred to as the transient poor by the World Bank in its report “Overcoming poverty and inequality in South Africa.”

Many students who come from these communities are not able to access higher education, even though they would have passed their matric and are motivated to study further.

In its latest thought leadership report, The economics of #FeesMustFall, KPMG considered the following critical aspects:
1) The recent sharp increase in tertiary education fees. Data from Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) indicates that tertiary education
     costs an average of 9% p.a. more during 2009-2015 - resulting in a cumulative increase of 80% since 2008. This is significantly
     higher than the average headline inflation rate of 5.5% p.a. and a cumulative inflation rate of 45% of the period.

2) The contribution of government income to university budgets. Public sector transfers to universities remained around the
     40% level (of total university income) during 2009-2013. When considering the impact of inflation, real state expenditure
     per student has remained relatively constant, and in 2013, was on a similar inflation-adjusted level to 2005.

3) The role of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). This state-funded organisation provides financial aid for poor yet
     academically eligible students. NSFAS, however, only applies to the poorest of households, thus creating a so-called
     ‘missing middle’ for many students who cannot afford higher education but are from families that earn above the
      R160 000 threshold.
With these facts as a backdrop, the Foundation found that whilst government is doing its part to improve the situation, the reality on the
ground is that there situation is dire.

The Foundation aims to raise funds to support the few that the funds will allow. Making a small difference is better than making no difference
at all.

The AGC North Foundation has a number of initiatives planned for 2018, including:

1) Community Car Wash Days
2) Raffle Competitions
3) Gospel Music Shows
4) Golf Days
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