Just want to thank the Foundation and Mr & Mrs Mbokazi for the support you gave me, ever since we met. My life just became better. I thought after losing my parents it was the end of the world, but both of you played a role to be my parents and I felt loved and appreciated. Thank you soo much. Thank you for the guidance you guys gave me and not giving up on me. I really wish this kind of support can be extended to a large number of young people who have goals. One day they can be successful. As Mr Mbokazi always encourages the youth to work hard in order to have a better future. I must say I am well on my way to becoming that success. I have enrolled at a tertiary institution and studying Communication and Journalism. Thanks to you. Bongani Sabisa
My dad was the only person working in our household. When he lost his job in 2017, we were devastated. The school fees were exorbitant, i was going to have to drop out of the school i love. The AGC Foundation came to my rescue. I truly appreciate the amazing support that I received in 2017 and 2018 from the foundation and I hope and pray that it gets more support as it will be able help/fund a lot more students who are struggling to pay for their fees. Mandisa Msomi
The Foundation is a great initiative that is not only available for tuition and all the humongous amounts that a university student would need. I got the NSFAS funding for the tuition and accommodation, but meals were not covered. I received a great deal of assistance from the Foundation with groceries, crockery and utensils earlier this year after being desperate and depending on other students at school. The foundation brings relief of not having to think about anything else but studies. It's an honour to have foundations  such as these, it would be a great deal if it would steer on and help more students for a better, educated South Africa! Mpho Telile
When the AGC North Foundation found me, I was busy with nothing. I had many ideas but none were implemented. I lacked the skill to think practically. The foundation took me to Boston College to study Marketing Management. Although I didnt complete due to bad results in my second semester. I have started a small retail business today with what I learnt at Boston. With continued support from this Foundation, I am now progressing today due to the continued support, advice and counselling I recieve from the Foundation. I am thankful to the AGC North Foundation for opening my eyes to what is possible and my potential. I pray that they recieve more sponsorship so they can continue their work. This foundation has changed my life. Grant Sibiya
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